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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sandia Says They are Done with Eestor

Wonder why Sandia has no more Email about Eestor after September 2010? They stop mentioning Eestor in email. For example, I spoke with Ross (subject of the recently closed Sandia FOIA request) in April 2011. Here is what he said to me in response:


Fred called me and requested an interview but I sent him to you.


I manage the stationary energy storage program… not the vehicle energy storage program. The battery chemistry’s, cycling requirements, and cost targets are different. Stationary storage deals with managing electric power grid applications. Given this, you may not want to talk with me. The primary labs responsible for development of energy vehicle storage are Argonne National Lab or Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (I don’t have any contacts for you).

You can also reach Stephanie Holinka at_________.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dick Weir's Last Interview Back Online

The eestor community has never gotten to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Dick Weir's last interview.  It is back online.

Watch this video.  Could the author of the two videos be the same? Both authors have a love of periods.

Identify the Eestory Player

Know Who he is?

All Right Reserved

Just to be clear.  I do not agree to the terms of service.  All of my activity at the site was based on the following Terms of Service:

Any use of material on the "" posted by Thubten,
ThubtenN, or Fred is the exclusive property of Fred Miller, ThubtenN,
and originating individual whose identity is not a stage name. Use of
this material for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Use of
this material for commercial purposes shall result in civil liability
in the amount of $1,000,000 per instance of use and unlimited Hawaiian
sweepstakes. Viewing of material posted by ThubtenN or his other
identities is acceptance of these terms of service. Adjudication of
damages shall occur in the jursidication of El Dorado County or
McClean, VA whichever is closest to the plaintiff.

Eestory Open Again But Claim Rights

Theeestory marketing blog opened again to nonregistered users. They haven't however changed their terms and conditions.  Theeestory wants to own for their commercial purposes any and all content on the site.  So forget that great prophetic post you did in 2008 as the first Eestor can't refer to it in the future when the blogger exploits your work for his profit.  

Granted he has worked hard to commercialize the eeestory and build community. He deserves some credit for it.   However, considering how much misinformation he has posted it is ironic for the blog editor to profit again on the eestor failure.  Failure you ask?

This blog will find the relative end to the story so don’t worry about paying for an obtuse mystery. 

Dick Weir has successfully survived 10 years of eestory promise and a better end for the eestory vendors as it has survived for years… is stealth.  The Great Eestor blog editor will package your content and “new” information to keep the mystery alive. 

In the tradition of the Art Bell genre, he can go on the George Noory show with the next Philadelphia Project Book.  Who inherited the EESU? 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Are We Nearing the End of Eestor? Zenn?

As the-eestory blog closes to new members and asserts ridiculously restrictive Terms and Conditions, we can only wonder if this signals that the eestor cadre is accepting a new truth for them.   Now that the theeestory principles are posting inside information of production line problems and Zenn's long term Public Relations Officer resigns, is the iconic blog locking down to protect sensitive egos or for other reasons, as the eestor myth crumbles?
Red Text Says Forum Closed to New Members