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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jim Kofman How About DOE For 3rd Party Verification

Jim Kofman Zenn CEO is contracting with someone well known in the capacitor world to verify eestor's technology. Having been a consultant in a past life, there is often pressure for the consultant to give the client what they want to hear. With so much money at stake, Zenn may want a general statement of verification that can be positively spun rather than specifics that experts can attack.

However, we all believe that Jim has a long term view and what Zenn needs is credibility. Outside of world eestor is viewed as a likely investment trap.

My suggestion to Jim is to use an undeniably objective third party that will verify the technology for free. Why not free because of Zenn's tight cash situation?

Who will do this work for Free? A recent conversation with Tom Hund of DOE Sandia suggests that they are still willing to test eestor's product. In fact, DOE has developed a lab influenced by their experience with eestor to prove Energy Storage technology. Here is summary of current activity

If you recall, folks at DOE were invited by eestor to a demonstration of eestor’s product. When DOE said they would be happy to test eestor’s capacitor, but they would only do it with DOE’s equipment and at the Sandia Lab, then Dick Weir stopped communicating about a demonstration. Both DOE and AFRL FOIA release's support this history.

When I proposed this idea of getting credibility from DOE to Dick, he responded that DOE knows all about eestor. Now we know that DOE doesn't know anything about eestor's actual product.

What is the connection between Lockheed and Sandia? Would Lockheed's embarrassment with the eestor deal (as reported by nanocarbon) reflect communication with Tom Hund's team at Sandia Lab?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is prudent for Jim Kofman?

The recent reinvestment by the sinking Zenn Motors, has brought to light the gravitas of Jim Kofman. Clearly, there are two power centers in the Eestory (no not the cadre and its bloggers, Ypo or Haig), Dick and Jim Kofman. The timing makes sense for eestor to be running out of money. A source said eestor had two years of money in April 2010. The last few months of employees leaving and Dick selling equipment fit the “eestor needs money scenario” more than the “we are about to experience explosive growth scenario.”

Kofman is a man of great business experience. I also believe he is a man of integrity which makes the recent investment just that much more interesting. Simple explanation for the Zenn (which is facing oblivion) investment is that the investment buys Dick’s cooperation to “poo or get off the pot.” Obviously, the fact that they even needed to go to such an effort, as eestor’s primary investor, signals Dick’s evasiveness. Without the new investment would Dick have done anything to help Zenn survive?

Welcome to the wild world of internet technology vetting Jim. When presented with the skeptic side of the eestory, Jim responded, “As I said at the Shareholders' Meeting, we wouldn't have made our recent investment if we didn't think it was prudent.” I further detailed what skeptics believe and the history of Dick’s involvement with DOE and AFRL. Jim responded, “Ok thanks, I can only deliver on transparency, not technology. Hopefully the world will be much better informed on the facts in the "near term."

I think Jim understands the bright line that both believers and skeptics are drawing. Only a credible third party confirmation of fully working prototype EESUs meeting the standards, tests and claims of Patent 7466536 will confirm that the patent data has not been faked.

Does Jim live in a group think believer bubble? At least now he has read the criticism of nanocarbon and likely that of eetom. Will he realize the prudent possibility that he may have to end the eestory to protect Zenn Management from investor lawsuits? If he gets an expert report that proves there isn’t any prototype with the specifications meeting tables 5 and 6.and energy density of Patent 7466536 he must consider the possibility that Dick has faked the patent data.

Jim was given the eestor critique from Nanocarbons and the analysis circulated by DOE (FOIA 10-00297-H Document 10).
I asked him to look at the posts of Eetom. His response:


Obviously you have a very negative view of the opportunity and have chosen not to be a shareholder.  Given your background I am sure you know that with patience the truth will always emerge.  I am not going to get drawn into your discussions, but rather focus on working for the company's shareholders.  We will see what happens in the ‘near future.’


Back to Jim’s least he is open to the possibility that objective observers would conclude that Dick does not have what he claims. It will take integrity to stem the tide of groupthink reflected by even so called journalists such as Toronto greentech cheerleader Tyler Hamilton who is circularly giving credibility to eestor because of Kofman. It will take integrity to end the charade and accept some liability to avoid larger liability for Zenn management. Obviously Kofman has to rely on experts. He is not a scientist.

Why should Kofman listen to Nanocarbon, eetom, and DOE...for one good reason, because they are probably right. When he does he will see the future more clearly. Nanocarbons lists the many reasons why the eesu is not real and why he thinks the patent 7466536 table data was faked. In the 2009 presentation posted here earlier Nano points out how unlikely it is that table 5 of 7466536 were actual component measurements of relative permittivity. Actual existing BT MLCC products at various voltages show greater variance at higher voltages.

Finally, Nano has made the point of how unlikely it is that Dick and company built full 31,351 component EESU’s in 2004 when the application for patent 7466536 was submitted. Surely Jim can see this. In 2004, Dick was working out of Tom’s house at 1404 Wesson Cove, Cedar Park, TX. According to the Cedar Park Building Department Eestor executed its Certificate of Occupation in October 2005 for 715 Discovery Blvd, Building 107. This is the same month that Carl Nelson says he started working full-time at Eestor. It would not be legal for Eestor to occupy their leased space prior to submittal of the Certificate of Occupation. Dick manufactured and tested 10 complex 280 lbs. EESUs out his son’s residence. Right.
Where are the exhaust vents at 1404 Wesson Cove?