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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nanocarbons Gives Blogger the Truth

We know how powerful belief can be. Cultures have mass murdered civilizations because of a belief in religion. The eestore faithful hold on to their beliefs that Dick Weir is the revolutionary inventor and not an incompetent investment hack or worse a con man. They have invested in zenn and have virtually lost everything if Zenn sinks, so what else are they to do, change religion or sink with the ship?  They are lead by the blogger with his own set of self interest.

The blogger knows negative information but hides it from his faithful followers.  Blogger received an analysis from one of the eestor community’s strongest capacitor experts. Nanocarbon Rud has given the blogger his technical analysis of eestore. The blogger has chosen to hide it.  It is a clear condemnation of eestor’s technology and explains why the patents were not drawn from measurements.

Nanocarbon reasserted, via email, the truth of his contact from Lockheed Martin, saying that the blogger’s mob could ruin the guy’s career for being honest about Lockheed’s embarrassment with their eestor contract.  Nanocarbon pointed out to the blogger that his own technology will be in production in Europe this summer.

Why does the blogger hide this information? Is it because like eestor he will profit from the mystery if it continues.    When the story is about deception and exaggerated claims then the blogger will appear as part of the problem.         

Another odd example of selective awarenes, has been the amount of evidence pointing to the probability that eestor has failed.  Why would eestor not allow DOE with John Boyes and Tom Hund to test the magic capacitor?  DOE is willing to certify an energy storage winner if they can find one. They are testing RedFlow’s 10kw/h flow battery.  Eestor refused to allow DOE to test their storage device.  A DOE certification of eestor would provide creditability which is more important at this point then any secret youtube interviews cooked up with the blogger.  

Eestor backs out of its own invitation because?

The cadre ignore the evidence. Electrical Engineer Alex Bernstein was putting together the test unit electronics.  He no longer works at eestor.  He is the last person to make a statement about what went on inside of Eestor.   Bernstein states from the inside of eestor, "just at know chillen...counting 0's the norm ha!!"  He has nothing to do because there is no working product to test.   Of course blogger did not write a blog post on Bernstein’s quote.  The info does not match blogger’s public relations strategy.


Anonymous said...

Fred, you're a really weird guy. You're supposed to be this quasi-Buddhist-enlightened/peaceful guy, but how do you live your life? You attack people on the Internet. Where is the love, man? Look at thyself. I think the Dali Lama is planning one hell of shit job for you in your next life...if you keep this up.

You don't seem to understand the history between Rud Istivan and my blog. I originally invited him to say whatever he wanted. I posted blog articles/interviews. Later, he created an account on theEEStory and to this day, makes liberal use of it to say whatever he wants. There is no information vacuum when it comes to Istivan and His posts always stir the pot and crack me up.

Yes, you and I were copied on some emails from him. I was sent email from a Lockheed employee who spoke to the Lockheed source istivan claimed. the source indicated Istivan did not represent him accurately. Maybe istivan's email says otherwise, but I have to go with a Lockheed to Lockheed communication over a Lockheed to Istivan communication for credibility.

As for official source information, I maintain often contact with Craig Van Bebber from Lockheed MFC. Nothing has changed. Have you ever even talked to him? No, too smoked out over there?

So you think there is some statement given by Alex Bernstein while he was working at EEStor? A third party is supposed to decipher that from the quote you've provided? Please. Bernstein refuses to give any comments to journalists. So I'd like to know how you supposedly obtained the eenigmatic and inconclusive quote.

Finally, I really think you ought to add a disclaimer to your website indicating that if EEStor delivers, you're livelihood would be toast since it involves disposing of OIL and BATTERIES both of which will be no longer required. Your readers deserve to know your conflict of interest. My CoI is posted on all multiple hundred thousand pages of my website. But do what you will.

Anyway, thanks for stirring the pot again. This has been fun.

The Greatest Blogger Who Ever Typed

Fred Miller said...

Blogger rather than always trying to impeach folks motives maybe you should just post the negative stuff you get about eestor. Do something for the public. Many of us are interested in the full story of eestor.

Fred Miller said...

Blogger if you are interested in my brand of Buddhism then you could spend a few days listening to Ken McCleod at Most of his philosophy comes in the form of mp3s. I never claimed I was enlightened as you know. You get mean when you loose control. One conceptual model of conceptual models is called the Six Realms. One of the realms is the human realm which is one of lots of activity, desire, and seeking attraction and avoiding aversion.

You remember Karlm. He spoke to Van Bebber. I doubt you will get much from him since things don't seem to be going according to plan. I will check into you assertion about L-M. I have a feeling you were selective in what you reported here as usual.

I spoke with the DARPA researcher who was checking into an L-M contract proposing to use an EESU. The researcher found that the EESU was not ready yet. So L-M has a reason for being frustrated with Eestor.

Someday we will find out if part of the eestory is deception and who was skilled in its art.