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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jim Kofman How About DOE For 3rd Party Verification

Jim Kofman Zenn CEO is contracting with someone well known in the capacitor world to verify eestor's technology. Having been a consultant in a past life, there is often pressure for the consultant to give the client what they want to hear. With so much money at stake, Zenn may want a general statement of verification that can be positively spun rather than specifics that experts can attack.

However, we all believe that Jim has a long term view and what Zenn needs is credibility. Outside of world eestor is viewed as a likely investment trap.

My suggestion to Jim is to use an undeniably objective third party that will verify the technology for free. Why not free because of Zenn's tight cash situation?

Who will do this work for Free? A recent conversation with Tom Hund of DOE Sandia suggests that they are still willing to test eestor's product. In fact, DOE has developed a lab influenced by their experience with eestor to prove Energy Storage technology. Here is summary of current activity

If you recall, folks at DOE were invited by eestor to a demonstration of eestor’s product. When DOE said they would be happy to test eestor’s capacitor, but they would only do it with DOE’s equipment and at the Sandia Lab, then Dick Weir stopped communicating about a demonstration. Both DOE and AFRL FOIA release's support this history.

When I proposed this idea of getting credibility from DOE to Dick, he responded that DOE knows all about eestor. Now we know that DOE doesn't know anything about eestor's actual product.

What is the connection between Lockheed and Sandia? Would Lockheed's embarrassment with the eestor deal (as reported by nanocarbon) reflect communication with Tom Hund's team at Sandia Lab?


dad-everyone behave! said...

Seem like JK has identified someone or group already for 3rd party verificaion of EEStor's technology and progress.

The reference to the snake-oil article and other emails etc. from people who have less knowledge about EEStor than bloggers is not useful and discounts the intense requirements and efforts of EEStor to keep this technology secret. It seems that perhap Sandia would not, or could not sign a highly restrictive NDA?
It seems likely that we will know "EEStortruth" or more of it in a few months.
Relax, spend time with your family, feed the homeless, clean out your garage, until we know more.

Anonymous said...

Dick Weir could not defraud the AFRL and SNL with his scam.